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VOYA is a journey that began in 1912 when the first seaweed baths opened in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Seaweed bathing is a 300- year-old tradition and Ireland's only indigenous therapy. The last of these traditional original bathhouses were destroyed in September 1961 by the worst hurricane to ever reach Ireland's shores, Hurricane Debbie. After this many people moved away from the coastal areas moved towards the larger, densely populated cities and as bath began a norm in people's homes, the old bath houses remained closed. VOYA reopened its seaweed bath spa in Strandhill in 2000 and is today one of the busiest spas in Ireland.

VOYA are the leading experts in harnessing the endless restorative and healing powers of seaweed. We blend our cherished natural resource with a wealth of the purest organic active ingredients and essential oils to give you the skin of your dreams. VOYA products contain elements of four types of seaweed; Fucus Serratus, Laminaria Digitata, Fucus Vesiculosus and Himanthalia Digitata. The antioxidant & mineral compounds found naturally in these seaweeds have long been known to have pronounced anti-aging, conditioning, repairing and hydrating effects on both the body and mind.

Seaweed naturally cleanses and purifies the skin, helping to improve its suppleness and elasticity, thus improving the signs of aging by toning, smoothing, moisturising and stimulating skin cells. All VOYA products contain extracts of wild seaweed which is sustainably hand-harvested from the cleanest waters off the West Coast of Ireland and are formulated to deeply nourish your skin and aid its natural ability to heal and repair.

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